Send hard drive for recovery by Post

Click Download IDR's Form click on the picture

Download IDR's Form
click on the picture

1. Filling out an IDR form

Clearly fill out your contact details and information on your data storage medium, especially the blanks with an (*) asterisk. Such facts enable us IDR to reach back and ask for more information upon receipt of the medium. 

  •  If the application form is not downloadable, please neatly write down your name (in block letters), mobile phone number, and e-mail address. Then attach the completed form with the data storage medium that you want to send to the IDR center for recovery. 

2. Packaging data storage media

2.1) Package the data storage medium in a box to prevent any form of attack during shipment and into an anti-static case to protect against static electricity (Picture 1). However, if such a material as shown in Picture 1 is unavailable, enclose the medium in bubble wrap and then package it in a box provided at the post office (Picture 2). The box should be at least in the [b] size to fit one hard disk. For 2 hard disks, the box in the [c] size should be deployed (Picture 3). For a small data storage medium, not a hard disk, use the padded envelope (Picture 4).

  • Three or four sheets of bubble wrap or thicker should be applied to close off any holes to prevent any form of attack.


Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4

2.2) It is recommended to cover the hard disk with air wrap by rolling the wrap up (Picture 5) at least as thickly as the depth of the box (Picture 6).
2.3) This is an example of packaging more than one hard disk (Picture 7). Do not overlay hard disks. In case of any remainder of space after enclosing the hard disk in bubble wrap, it is advised to tighten up the hard disk finely enough to prevent any form of external attack (Picture 8).


Picture 5


Picture 6


Picture 7


Picture 8

2.4) In case bubble wrap is unobtainable, newspapers can be an alternative. Crumple sheets of reusable paper into a spherical or cylindrical shape. Arrange them around the hard disk to prevent any form of external attack (Pictures 9 and 10).


Picture 9


Picture 10


Picture 11


3. Addressing the parcel, an envelope, etc. and tracking number

Write your name and phone number clearly. Then enclose the package as illustrated in Picture 11. E-mail the tracking number along with the delivery date to Should IDR staff receive the package, they will contact you immediately. 

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