Service Fee


For technician assistance or RIAD system, Server, NAS, SCSI Drive : please call 0 2744 1911-2 and then press 1

After check, the service fee may be lower than the price stated in the price table

Update : July 1, 2017


Service Charge Rate : At IDR—the data recovery center—fees are charged in accord with the size and damage occurring to the data storage medium. Nonetheless, fees are subject to change depending on severities of damage and levels of difficulty. The customer will be notified of the actual price only upon completion of the preliminary inspection. (The preliminary inspection is provided free of charge.) 

*Initial Charge refers to the price of data recovery at the beginning stage of recovery. In case of recovering failure, there will be no charge except for particular circumstances. Customers will be quoted the Initial Charge before taking any decision. Prior notification will be submitted to customers in the written quotation.


  • The Service Charge Rate presented here is the maximum price.
  • The Service Charge Rate does not include 7% value added tax.
  • Server, NAS, Storage or Raid system bring both the machine and peripheral
  • CCTV system bring a hard disk with a recorder.
Type of Hard Disk
IDE, SATA, SATA2, SSD, SCSI, iSCSI, SAS, RAID Systems, NAS, SAN, Server, Notbook, PC, Mac, External Box, CCTV, Camera Cam
Other Storage Media
SD, Micro SD, CF Card, MMC, Flash Drive, Memory Key, Handy Drive

Bad Sector, PCB , magnetic head malfunction, short circuit, surge, flood, water leakage, bugs, fallen, shocked, pressed, clicking sound
virus, lost of photos, video and song, accidentally Format, Fdisk, Delete files, Recycle Bin, overwritten by Ghost or Windows installation
OS & Application
Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC, Mail, MySQL, other DBs, password forgot

others please call