Using data recovery services from center that do not have Clean Room may permanently damage your data. Check in detail for their tools and facilities before making your decision.

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Choosing the right data recovery service provider is a critical issue.
Any mistake during data recovery attemps may destroy your valuable data permanently.


"Data loss appears to be a slightly problem. However, if compared the business asset losses with intangible values such as photos, video, research data, design artwork and financial account information including the achive data that will be use for future reference. The value of these data is not worth a dime yet. Some organization may have a back up plan but their back up system still have many risks of data loss like flood, fire, electric surge, system crash or even human error of their staff at data center."

IDR Data Care Pack annual protection plan

IDR Data Care Pack is our assurant protection plan offerings. From our experience at service center that customer have to pay many thousands Bahts for data recovery service fee. An important point is that some customers leave data unrecovery because they could not afford to pay.Moreover, many of them try to do it by themself to save their money. Unfortunately that it will cause worst damage to hard disk and less chance of success in data recovery.
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